File name:Richpeace AutoSew CAD System Commercial
Update time:2021-10-13
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 Functions Introduction

Select those sewing lines where slots should be required, input the Slot width, Start/End points,
Sewing Parameter, define the Repeat and Stitch Length. Quickly create the sewing template.

Automatic generate sewing template, input data to template laser cutter for engraving.
Automatic generate matching points to ensure the sewing start point. For template pieces require two or multiple sewing process to complete the work, it is quickly to give the end point position.

Output auto sewing data file, sewing with Richpeace Automatic Template Sewing Machine. Able to define stitch length, repeat and trimming.
Automatic arrange the sewing order where there are many sewing lines taking place.

Design of Motif
According to the requirements on design and production, various motif and stitch pattern type can be created and stored into library with the Motif Lib Tool. Fulfil various design requirement.